Best Football Books: 12 Epic Reads For Fans Of All Ages

28.February 2022 by Calum Walker

Best Football Books: 12 Epic Reads For Fans Of All Ages

The best way to get into reading is to read about a topic you're passionate about. So with that in mind, we've collected 12 of our favourite football books for fans of all ages.

Keep reading for a list of exciting football books that will capture the imagination of younger fans. Alongside some of the best football books and autobiographies for older football nuts.

Let's start with three brilliant options for young football fans and teenagers.


Best Football Books For Younger Fans


Ultimate Football Heroes by Matt and Tom Oldfield

Ultimate Football Heroes is a series of books telling the story of the game's greatest players. Making this the perfect way for a young fan to learn more about the biggest players in the game.

Each book is dedicated to the story of one player and there are over 60 different players to choose from. Including modern heroes from the men and women's game. As well as legends from years gone by.


Striking Out by Ian Wright and Musa Okwonga

In our next book for younger readers, Ian Wright has a go at fiction with Striking Out. The book follows the experiences of a thirteen-year-old who dreams of making it as a professional footballer.

Ian Wright takes from some of his own experiences growing up to tell a story that is heart-warming and uplifting. A good read for any young football fan.


Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

Fever Pitch documents Nick Hornby's memories of his experiences growing up as an Arsenal fan. Strap in for great tales about matches at the old Highbury. With all of the ups and downs of football and life in between.

Like many of Hornby's other books, such as About A Boy, Fever Pitch has also been adapted into a movie. However, we'd recommend reading the book first.

It's a real treat for any football fan (teenager or adult). As well as anyone who's wondered why fans follow their teams with such dedication.


Best Football Books For Adults


A Season with Verona by Tim Parks

Football can offer a unique lens to understand a country through. And that's exactly what you get in this cult classic from Tim Parks.

At face value, the book documents a season Tim spent following Hellas Verona in Italy's Serie A. As he travels to every game (home and away) in a season where Hellas are fighting against relegation.

But A Season With Verona doesn't just capture the sights and sounds of a season on the road. It also shows an Italy far removed from the pages of Lonely Planet or the travel magazines. Highly recommended.


Inverting The Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

Modern football is more tactical than ever before. But did you ever wonder how it became that way?

Jonathan Wilson's Inverting The Pyramid is a deep dive into the history of football tactics. All the way from the sport's early days in Queen Victoria's reign to the 2000s.

This book will give you a lot of insight into how football tactics evolved into where they are today. Making it a fascinating read for any football fan wanting to see the beautiful game on a deeper level.


The Damned United by David Pearce

The Damned United tells the story of legendary manager Brian Clough during his controversial 44-day spell in charge of Leeds United.

This classic book is part football story, part psychological thriller. As a young Brian Clough tries to make his mark while dealing with resentment, rivalry, regret, and every other emotion imaginable.

If you haven't read this one already, do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. You'll see exactly why it was made into a big screen picture.


Football Behind The Curtain by Jonathan Wilson

The leagues in Western Europe might have all of the power and money. But when it comes to passion and history - Central and Eastern Europe football is every bit as amazing.

Jonathan Wilson's Behind The Curtain takes you on an adventure through the clubs, fans, and players that make football in this part of the world great. With a lot of interesting, funny, and shocking stories on the way. Highly recommended.


Best Football Autobiographies


My Autobiography by Sir Alex Ferguson

What better to way to start off the autobiographies than by hearing from one of the best football managers of all time?

Sir Alex Ferguson went from the Govan shipyards to gathering one of the game's greatest trophy hauls. After all, he won 38 trophies at Man United. In addition to the domestic and European success he tasted with Aberdeen.

It's some story. And Alex Ferguson's Autobiography is the best way to hear it from the man himself.

The Second Half by Roy Keane

Next up we have a book from one of football's all time hard men, Roy Keane.

Older and wiser from his first autobiography attempt, The Second Half brings us through Keane’s later years as a player and his experiences in management.

Combine this stories with Keane's no-nonsense attitude and you get a real page turner. We challenge you to read it without imagining his smirk on Sky Sports!


How To Be a Footballer by Peter Crouch

One of the funniest men in football does not disappoint with his autobiography, How to be a Footballer. As Peter Crouch delivers his story with nonstop fun and jokes told with his unique sense of humour.

Crouch takes us on an insider’s trip through the attitudes of the different managers and players he’s worked with over the years. As he takes you on a hilarious jaunt through his career.


My Turn by Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff's “My Turn” takes us through Cruyff's iconic career. From the eight titles he won with Ajax to his time at Barca and the wider impact he had on the game.

Cruyff won three Ballon D’ors and will always be the face of “total football”. He's also been a vital influence on some of the great Barcelona teams we've seen in recent decades. Which makes this a great read for any football fan.


I Think Therefore I Play by Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo is one of the most iconic Italian players in recent times. With an excellent football mind, a glittering trophy cabinet, and a truly stylish way of doing things.

In a nice surprise, the stories in the book are laced with Andrea's confident personality and brilliant sense of humour. Something you might not have expected from his ice cold demeanour on the pitch.


Happy Reading!

We hope you enjoyed this quick list of our favourite football books. Maybe you'll even pick one up and give it a go.

Obviously there are a huge amount of great football books out there. Be sure to let us know if we missed any brilliant reads!