6 Personalised Gifts For Football Fans

19.January 2022 by Calum Walker

Looking to find a unique football gift they didn't see coming? Well, you’re in luck.

This post covers 6 personalised gift ideas that any football lover will cherish. Taking in everything from real life FIFA cards to personalised football boots and water bottles.


A Personalised Football Card from CardsPlug

We can’t talk about personalised gifts without mentioning a real life football card from CardsPlug!

If you're looking for a unique gift for the football fan who has everything, this is guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Especially if they're FIFA obsessed.

Our football cards are super easy to personalise and you'll get a full preview of your card before we print it. 

You can customise a card here or read our full guide to making a personalised football card here.

Man Holding CardsPlug Card


Personalised Strip

Not a single football fan out there would turn down the chance to represent their club in the famous jersey.

Whether it's to wear casually, show off at a game, or play football in, a club top with your name and number is a brilliant idea for any fan.


Personalised Boots

This idea is more for those who actually play football as oppose to just follow it. However, any keen budding footballer out there would love a pair of slick customised kicks.

Places like the Nike store and website let you customise a pair of boots. Which means the colour scheme of each section of the boot is completely up to you.

To top it off, you can add a name and even your country’s flag to them. What a way to flex on your friends on the pitch!
Football Boot


Personalised Football

This one's slightly cheaper than the boots or the strip - but how are you supposed to play football without the ball itself?

To be honest, we'd probably keep a snazzy ball like this as a display piece. But there’s nothing to stop you taking it out to the pitch.

There are plenty of options online to get a football with a custom message or name on it. But if that fails, you can always get a football of your fans favourite club (still more personal than rock solid Mitre any day!).

 Football on stand


Custom Mug/ Water Bottle

If the boy who will be receiving the gift is a bit older, they may appreciate personalised mug to keep their tea or coffee safe. There are loads of mugs available online for any club customisable to fit anyone’s style.

Alternatively, you could get them a water bottle to bring to school or football practice for those younger ones not yet old enough to appreciate a good mug.

Similarly, these can be personalised by club and the recipient’s name can be printed on it, for the personal touch you’re after.


Custom Phone Case

There are few things scarier than the thought of an unprotected phone. Seriously - the number of people who walk around with the glass exposed at any time baffles me!

If you know somebody like this, a football club phone case could be a great shout. They’ll also think of you every time they pick up their phone (which nowadays for most people, is a lot).



This list has simply scratched the surface of the range of personalised gifts out there for football fans. I hope it inspires you to surprise a fan with something truly amazing.