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Here are some important tips for best results on our cards.

- Image should contain head, shoulders and chest, filling up as much of the space on the image as possible. The further away the subject is the most likely it will become blurry/ pixelated when printed.

- Image should be taking in good lighting, preferably not in the dark. - Preferably images should not be taken from the internet unless you can tell its super high quality this includes Facebook, Instagram and any other website. These websites reduce the quality massively. If you did not take the picture please ask the person who did to email you the original picture.

- Stay away from using images which you have received via Whatsapp or any other messaging platform.

- Screenshots are also not great quality and we advise to not use them.

- The object should not blend into the background too much. If we see that the image is very bad quality we will contact you however we may not at all times and you must understand that you are responsible for providng us with a suitable image.

Click on the livechat button in the bottom right corner and one of our assistants will help you. also feel free to email We will aim to respond as quick as possible.

We offer cards in 4 different sizes: Small (32cm x19cm), Medium (42cm x 27cm), Large (49cm x 37cm) & Extra Large (84.1cm x 53cm). Our Glass Plaque is 15cm x 10cm.

Yes all you have to do is provide us with the full image and the background will be removed by one of our professionals. What you see on the website is just a preview and not the final design.

When you place an order you have two options, either a custom card where you provide the image and stats etc or a real player card. We will get the info provided and design, print, package and ship the card to you.

We need around 5-7 working days for card production and handling. This is what we aim for however this could exceed if any delays occur or if we are in a busy period of the year. Weekends do not count towards the process as it's not a working day. We suggest to always order in advance if you need this for a special occasion.

Due to current COVID-19 situations worldwide, we cannot guarantee the estimated transit times shown below. Depending on your region, delays could be experienced. Our delivery partners are doing all that they can in order to ensure timely deliveries while maintaining safety for their workers and you.

Once your order is shipped we are told by the courier it should take roughly:

UK: 1-3 Working Days

Europe Tracked: 2-4 days

Western Europe Tracked: 3-5 days

Rest of Europe Signed: 3-5 days

Europe Standard - 3-7 working days

Worldwide Tracked: 5-7 days

Worldwide Signed: 5-7 days 

Worldwide Standard: 5-7 days

Please be aware that couriers also have delays and we are unable to control those if the delivery is not 100% on time with those estimations.

No, no need to be worried at all this simply means we are still working on your card. We do state this can happen due to delays we may have, feel free to get in touch via the contact us page to see if there is any issues.

No, All orders are are final as stated in our Terms & Conditions. If for any reason we do decide to cancel/refund your order you will receive CardsPlug store credits which you can use for other purchases on the website.

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