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S18 Record Breaker Card | Any Player Available - CardsPlug

S18 Record Breaker Card | Any Player Available

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A specially crafted football card customised to your specification. Choose any player you want, type their name into the box above. The chosen card will be created with the players known stats or choose the stats yourself.

Very easy to wall mount.

Sizes Available: Small/Medium/Large

Small: 30cm x 19cm.

Medium: 42cm x 27cm.

Large: 59cm x 37cm

Printed on gloss vinyl mounted on a 3mm foamex backboard, giving it an amazing shiny finished look..

I have a question about my order what do i do?

Click on the livechat button in the bottom right corner and one of our assistants will help you. also feel free to email support@cardsplug.com. We will aim to respond as quick as possible.

Will you remove the background from my image?

Yes all you have to do is provide us with the full image and the background will be removed by one of our professionals.

How does it work? How long do cards take to make? How long does shipping take?

When you place an order you have two options, either a custom player where you provide the image and stats etc or a real player card. We will get the info provided and design, print, package and ship the card to you.

However it can exceed 14 days due to any delays that can occur during the process or backlog of orders.

Once your order is shipped we are told it should take roughly:

UK delivery speed (working days)

  • - 1-3 working days

Europe delivery speed (working days)

Tracked - 2-4 working days (Western Europe ) | Tracked - 3-5 working days (Rest of Europe) | Signed - 3-5 working days | Standard - 3-5 working days

Worldwide delivery speed (working days)

  • Tracked: 5-7 working days
  • Signed: 5-7 working days
  • Standard: 5-7 working days

14 days has passed and my order is still not shipped and i have had no updates, should i be worried?

No, no need to be worried at all this simply means we are still working on your card. We do state this can happen due to delays we may have, just wait for an email notifying you when its been shipped.