9 Awesome Football Gift Ideas

13.October 2021 by Joseph Taylor

9 Awesome Football Gift Ideas For 2021

Looking for some great and unique football gift ideas? Here are 9 football themed gifts guaranteed to make a fan’s day.

1. A Real Life FIFA Card!

As unique and personalised football gifts go, it would be silly not to mention ourselves. So we’ll get our plug out of the way nice and early!

With over 200,000 happy fans across the globe, CardsPlug football cards are fast becoming the world’s favourite football gift.

Why? Because our easy Card Builder lets you choose from over 50 designs inspired by the popular football games FIFA22 and FIFA21. All fully personalised by you!

You can customise a card for your favourite fan. Or you can buy them a CardsPlug Gift Card and leave it up to them. Either way, you'll leave your favourite fan feeling like a star!


2. Tickets To A Game

Nothing beats the drama and atmosphere of seeing a game in real life. Especially if your favourite team or player is on the pitch.

Tickets for big matches and local derbies can be hard to come by. However, a lot of games (even for big clubs) still go on General Sale a few weeks before the match. 

You can’t always guarantee a great game. But you can guarantee a day you’ll remember forever. As football gifts go, it doesn’t get much better than that!


3. Official Fan Membership 

If a season ticket is out of your budget, an Official Membership to your favourite club can be a great way to treat a fan. 

What’s more, a lot of clubs offer a special membership for younger fans. Which usually comes with an awesome welcome pack of goodies and additional perks.

Club Members usually enjoy benefits like early access to tickets and special discounts off club merchandise. So it can be a great way to access other football gifts too.


Cardsplug Football Cards
Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels

4. The Gift Of Skills

Now for a football gift that’s fun, unique, and healthy. Sound good?

Thanks to the wonders of modern tech, there are now a growing number of football training and skill building apps on the market. 

A top example is Perfect Play. Which was developed alongside Chelsea’s academy and features fun challenges against Chelsea players. 

Most of these apps have free options with additional paid features. So a subscription could be a great idea. 

After all, every young fan dreams of feeling like a pro. Which is one of the reasons we make our real life football cards in the first place!


5. Training Equipment

The neighbours might not thank you for this one. But getting a fan some cool football training gizmos could be a great shout.

As training gear goes, you can’t really go wrong with a set of goals. Or you could get a snazzy rebound board for practicing ball control. RapidFire and FORZA have a few cool options for you to choose from. 

On the tech side of things, StatSports vests are pretty cool. Not only do they track your movements in training and matches. They also make you look like you’ve come off a Premier League training pitch!   


6. A Football Magazine Subscription

There are a whole world of awesome football magazines out there. With great options for every kind of fan.

Younger supporters might love Match magazine. While older fans could enjoy the hugely popular FourFourTwo or When Saturday Comes.

For the culture vultures out there, Mundial is pretty special. And for any budding coaches out there, Total Football Analysis is a must-read. Check them out!


7. Get Building!

Gifting a football fan something to make can be very fun and rewarding. 

If money isn’t an issue, you could look at Lego’s epic 3000 piece models of Old Trafford and the Camp Nou.

The end results look amazing. But they definitely aren’t for the faint-hearted (or those on a budget). 

At a slightly lower price level, FOCO’s range of BRXLZ models are pretty cool. As you can use Lego-style bricks to make everything from Aston Villa’s Villa Park to Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus Rex mascot. 


8. A Vintage Football Shirt

Vintage Football Shirts from the 90s and early 2000s are all the rage at the moment. 
Unlike the new shirts everybody has, old shirts are a lot rarer. So your gift is pretty much guaranteed to be a surprise and a conversation starter. 
Plus you have a whole world of cool clubs and iconic shirts to choose from!
Our friends at Headlock.co have an amazing range of top line vintage shirts. Be sure to check them out!
Football Gift Ideas

Photos from Headlock Vintage


9. A Football Board Game

Sick of screen time? Take a fan’s love of football to the playing board instead! 

If you’ve got a football trivia nut on your hands, you can’t go wrong with the Football themed Trivial Pursuit. If you also have non-football fans around the table, the Football Brainbox could also be a shout.

For a game to share with footy mad friends, don’t miss Superclub either. This game lets you manage clubs against your opponents. With engaging and often hilarious twists. It gets a big thumbs up from us!